Are you are thinking about Exiting your business but aren’t really sure where to start.  This is very common among business owners who have spent their life “in” their small business. The business has become such a large part of their life style and personality that separating personal from business can be a very uneasy process.

An important question to ask yourself is; “Are you really ready to Exit your small business?”  It is important that you understand your motivation your for your exit, what you personally need to prepare for and how might it affect others around you.

The consequences of not understating potential obstacles and of not having a plan to deal with them can be the difference between a successful business exit and an unsuccessful one.  It is not all about the money. Looking beyond your initial exit will go a long way to insuring you have a fulfilling new chapter in your life.

Use the tool, Owner Assessment to gauge your personal preparation for your exit and what comes after the exit.  Use the tool and the suggested steps and resources to complete your journey.  Continue to refer to this tool as you prepare yourself for your Exit.

Additional material is available on the Next Steps page and the Resources page.