Small Business Owners

We are in an instant gratification environment which does not mesh with the Successful Transition of a small business. The process needs to be thoughtful, thorough, and allow adequate time to explore multiple options for the business owner, as well as prepare for a personal transition.

There are numerous sources online that show a path to a successful Exit; seven steps, five steps, most important steps, etc. All of these steps are valid, but the planning process as well as the Exit itself is much more nuanced than numbered steps. Many of these sources give what you should do. But really don’t offer any tools to accomplish your goals. This toolkit endeavors to offer some of those tools to move towards a successful Exit of your small business.

Unless your small business has revenues of over $1,000,000 most owners feel they do not have the necessary cash to engage in a formal Exit Planning process. Coincidently, most Exit Planning advisors and providers are not interested in companies under $1,000,000 in revenues as the return on their time is significantly diminished. These two instances create the need for tools that can assist not only those business owners with over $1,000,000 in revenue, but those business owners attempting to navigate an Exit on their own.

These tools will assist the all business owners in the initial preparation for an exit and provide additional knowledge and resources for a successful exit. The included pages on this site will allow small business owners to assess their current situation as well as plan for the future.

As extensive as these tools and examples are, we do not recommend any small business owner Exit his or her business without professional assistance.

Access to calculators and forms to continue your journey can be found here:

Owner Readiness

Business Readiness

Wealth Gap Calculator

Continuity Form