Business Plans

Small businesses need to have a roadmap, whether they are startups or existing businesses. At each point in the
development of a small business a business plan is needed, however, one size does not fit all. Using our business plan
format with Pro Forma financial preparation we can assist the new venture with a plan to secure financing. With our use
of GrowthWheel® 360° assessment tool we can help companies grow by identifying and planning areas of improvement.

Market Research

Using all of the resources available to us from the SBA, the Illinois Department of Commerce and Economic Opportunity
(DCEO), the Illinois Institute of Rural Affairs (IIRA), and Western Illinois University (WIU) we can gather information
about your market so that you can make decisions to drive your business forward.

Raising Capital

All companies regardless of size need capital. Our advisors using financial information from various resources can help
you benchmark against your peers or work with industry ratios to increase your financing opportunities. Using Profit
Mastery (trademark) we are able to educate you in how to analyze what it would take to grow sales to a target volume…

Group Training/Workshops

Our advisors are anxious to guide groups of entrepreneurs through the business process. From starting business education
to working with groups within a business, to help understand basic business concepts. Our International Trade Center
provides training dealing with the intricacies of exporting your product or service. Workshops are available on all
business topics to Disadvantaged Businesses (Minority, Women, Veterans)

Financial Management

Small business accounting and understanding the use of it can help a business prosper, the misunderstanding can sink a
business. Our advisors have training in the use of QuickBooks®, the small business accounting software that makes your
financials understandable and your company run smoother.
We can assist you with loan package preparation, financial analysis, annual budgets and general financial literacy.


With the start of the International Trade Center at WIU-Quad Cities your business has the opportunity to explore and
work in the export arena. Our Certified Global Business Professional (CGBP) working with the Illinois Office of Trade
and Investment (OTI) and the SBA will assist you in identifying, preparing for and penetrating new export markets for
your products and services.

Exit Strategies

As the population ages, it is becoming very apparent that preparing a business for transition can be an overwhelming
experience for the small business owner. Our specialists offer one-on-one advising to assist business owners in position
their business in the best possible positions.