Program Name: Electric Infrastructure Loans and Loan Guarantees (RUS)
Organization: United States Department of Agriculture – Rural Development
Address: 2118 W. Part Court, Suite A, Champaign, IL 61821
Phone: 217-403-6200
Briefly Describe the Purpose of the Program
The electric program makes insured loans and loan guarantees to nonprofit and cooperative associations, public bodies, and other utilities. Insured loans primarily finance the construction of electric distribution facilities in rural areas. The guaranteed loan program has been expanded and is now available to finance generation, transmission, and distribution facilities. The loans and loan guarantees finance the construction of electric distribution, transmission, and generation facilities, including system improvements and replacement required to furnish and improve electric service in rural areas, as well as demand side management, energy conservation programs, and on-grid and off-grid renewable energy systems.
Year Program Established:
Eligibility Requirements or Restrictions
Open to: State and local governmental entities, Federally-recognized Tribes, Nonprofits including cooperatives and limited dividend or mutual associations, For-profit businesses
Application Deadline: Rolling bases
Application Guidelines:
Funding Cap Per Application or Fiscal Year Program Funding:
How Must Funds Be Used:
Maintenance, Upgrades, Expansion, Replacement of distribution, sub transmission and headquarters (service, warehouse) facilities, Energy efficiency, Renewable energy systems