Program Name: Land Bank Technical Assistance (LBTA) Network
Organization: Illinois Housing Development Authority
Address: 111 E. Wacker Dr., Suite 1000

Chicago, IL 60640

Phone: 312-836-5200
Application Deadline:
Program Start Date: 2017
Program End Date:
Application Guidelines:
Briefly Describe the Purpose of the Program
The Land Bank Technical Assistance Network (“TF-LBTA” or “TA Program) was originally created as a component of the Land Bank Capacity Program, now operates as an independent grant program.  The TA Program assists in the building of the capacity and sustainability of local communities and land banks through responsible partnerships.  Funds are provided to technical assistance providers to assist local governments and land banks for initial capital to fund start-up costs of creating a land bank, operating costs, costs for land acquisition, and other locally managed revitalization techniques. The technical assistance component of the grant is dedicated to increasing development capacity for those communities seeking to form land banks. Our current TA providers are Teska Associates, Inc. and Denzin Soltanzadeh LLC.
Year Program Established: 2017
Eligibility Requirements or Restrictions
Funding Cap Per Application or Fiscal Year Program Funding:
How Must Funds Be Used: