Program Name: Disaster Education/Resources
Organization: University of Illinois Extension/ Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN)
Address: 555 Bevier Hall

905 S. Goodwin Avenue

Urbana, IL 61801

Phone: 309-3425908
Briefly Describe the Purpose of the Program
EDEN is a network of nearly 70 Institutions providing research based information and education on Natural Disasters.  The network members are Land Grant, 1890 Land Grant and Sea grant Extension Programs. The conception, development, and growth of the Extension Disaster Education Network (EDEN) were a direct result of the lessons learned by the land-grant system responding to the catastrophic Mississippi and Missouri river floods of 1993.

On the EDEN website ( resources, relating to all types of Natural Hazard Education resources can be found, as well as the delegates from each state.  As a founding member, Illinois Extension is active in EDEN and can help Illinois communities and organizations in their disaster education needs.  Programs are available in Agriculture, Community and Economic Development, Family Life and Youth Development as they pertain to disaster education and recovery.

Year Program Established:
Eligibility Requirements or Restrictions NA
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Funding Cap Per Application or Fiscal Year Program Funding: NA
How Must Funds Be Used: NA